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Elf Bar Ultra vs. Elf Bar Regular

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

The Elf Bar Ultra (BC5000 ULTRA) and Elf Bar Regular (BC5000) are both disposable vape that are popular among vapers. While they may appear to be similar at first glance, there are significant differences between the two models that set them apart.

One of the most significant differences between the Elf Bar Ultra and Regular is the coil technology. The Elf Bar Ultra features cutting-edge mesh coil technology from Quaq that provides smoother and clearer vapor, resulting in a more enjoyable vaping experience. The coil technology also ensures that the flavor lasts longer and tastes better, making the Elf Bar Ultra a great choice for those who value the quality of their vaping experience.

In terms of appearance, the Elf Bar Ultra has a more elegant and sophisticated look compared to the Regular. While the Elf Bar Regular comes with a fantastic matte finish, the Elf Bar Ultra takes it up a notch by featuring a classy metallic finish. Holding the Elf Bar Ultra feels satisfying, and its appearance is sure to turn heads.

The two models also differ in terms of their e-juice flavors. The Elf Bar Regular offers a range of unconventional flavors such as Strawberry Kiwi, Triple Berry Ice, and Kiwi Passionfruit Guava, along with limited edition flavors such as Rainbow Cloudz, Blueberry Energize, and Strawberry Pina Colada. On the other hand, the Elf Bar Ultra introduces eight brand new e-juice flavors, including Blue Cotton Candy, Dragonfruit Banana Berry, and Grape Honeydew. With a range of unique and exotic flavors to choose from, both models offer something for every taste preference.

Finally, the Elf Bar Ultra and Regular also differ in their throat hit. The Elf Bar Regular provides a strong and lasting hit, while the Elf Bar Ultra offers a more subtle throat hit. This is because the Elf Bar Ultra has 45% more flavor reproduction than the Elf Bar Regular, ensuring enhanced taste without compromising on safety.

In conclusion, while both the Elf Bar Ultra and Elf Bar Regular have their own unique features and benefits, the Elf Bar Ultra stands out for its cutting-edge technology, elegant appearance, and exotic e-juice flavors. Whether you are a new or experienced vaper, the Elf Bar Ultra is definitely worth considering for a premium vaping experience.

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